Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's dare!

Hello you,

Is there anybody out there?

Time to remove the dust out of this space and try to keep it as updated as possible. This blog was on vacation and so was I. Isn't that fabulous?

Besides, what's the point on blogging just for me while this space was created for you- dear student.

As the year has already started and I am just about to meet you I thought I might let you know a few things about me.

I will let you in my New Year's Resolutions, okay?

-I want to keep my stress level down and my efficiency up

-I want to love more and judge less

-I want to stop being so damm lazy and exercise

-I want and I will allow good things to come my way and to the people I care

-I will make new friends and keep my door open to them

-I will try to live in peace with people I don't understand and therefore don't like- they remind me that I am still attached to simple thinking. (BTW- that was ambitious)

Now, that's it with the resolutions. I have already broken a bunch of them but ...well....nobody is perfect.

You see, dear.....I am hoping these insightfull goals of improvement will not only allow me to be a better teacher, but also a better person.

I hope I can. Will you let me know?

To a crazy, lots of fun, , charming, new semester full of good surprises and joy

PS_I will probably adore you, as long as you are nice to me and SPEAK ENGLISH.heheheh
Just kidding! ( Not quite)


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