Thursday, August 7, 2008

The faces of the T2 students at Jardim Atlantico branch

These are the cool students I have at this group : Ramon, Estevão, Lucas, Caio, Larissa, Lorena, Luíza, Elisa, Marcela and Amanda.

We wrote a little "contract" for the semester and I told them they could ask me 5 things they wanted from me through the course.
I found their "requests" so interesting and also very easy.

* Pair work ( can you believe that?)

*Interesting projects ( fantastic)

*To be rewarded when they receive a good grade. (piece of cake)

* To have a movie class every once
and a while

* Surprising classes

With all of those amazing requests I'm sure we are in for a wonderful time together!



Fun and easy

Fun and easy
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