Thursday, August 7, 2008

T2 group at Interamérica

Challenging but rewarding!

It was my first time teaching at Interamérica, so I had to get situated on the classes, the stereo policy and the place itself.
I tried to find a cozy class but the best I could do was to organize the desks in a way that I would be able to see everyone.
I left the class for a little while to get an eraser for the board and by the time I returned they were all in there....Running, screaming, laughing, talking. They didn't bother looking at me at all.
One of them actually said "Are you the new teacher? Poor you! Nobody deserves us."
I knew the first approach would have to be shocking so that they would pay attention.
So I told them (in the middle of a messy class) straight away:
Hello! I'm Andressa and I have important news: I am not afraid of you. None of you. Everything you do I can do it do. You like to play games? So do I.... Do you like to dance? I do too..... Do you like talking? I love it. So why it is that we can't find a way to do everything together instead of trying to keep one another from having fun????
It worked for a little while as they were all mistified looking at me. After a brief silence one of them asked me:
Do you like to play games?
-U hum...
The other one went:
What games do you like?
Suddenly they were interested in my life asking questions that I answered and turned back to them.
The rest of the class went by smoothly but we didn't stop for a second.
In the end I already liked them, I understood them and hopefully they understood me too.
Surprinsingly amusing!!!!!!!!
They are: Nicole,Matheus, Pedro, Lucas, Bruna and Isabela.



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