Sunday, November 23, 2008


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on thr fourth Thursday in November since 1789, when George Washington made it an official national holiday. Actually, people have celebrated the harvest in fall for hundreds or maybe thousand of years, but what they celebrate in the USA is the first harvest of the Pilgrims, one year after they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Theu also give thanks for the help and advice of the Native Americans, who introduced the Pilgrims to pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberries, and, of course, turkey. That is why they eat these food on Thanksgiving.

Americans often live and work far from where they grow up, so for many people Thanksgiving is the only time in the year when they can get together with the whole family, and that's another thing to give thanks for. Everyone helps to prepare the meal and then usually spends the rest of the day watching the football game on tv.

In these spirit I am going to take this space to say thanks for many things I have been blessed


* I am grateful for my health
* I am thankful for the ability to have faith
* I am thankful for a husband who is also my best friend.
* I am grateful for a job that challenges me, drives me crazy, makes me want to be better.
* I thank my grandmother who has never let my believe that my problems were as big as I saw them.
*I am thankful for the people who make me uncomfortable because it only reflects my own weaknesses and the things I have to evolve
* I am grateful for the sandwich I just had, prepared by mu ultimate favorite chef.
* I am grateful for this space that allowed me today to write from my heart, and even if we are not thankful everyday, this post is here to remind me that TODAY I managed to see things differently.

What about you, dear students. What do you give thanks for?


regru on December 3, 2008 at 1:28 PM said...

This is so cute Andressa!!!

Andressa on December 8, 2008 at 3:07 PM said...

You around here?????
That is so cool!


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