Monday, April 13, 2009

T1 Homework: at on in

Review the prepositions in on at

Now do the quiz by clicking here and write your score back to me.

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mateus said...

1-she has to wash their hands before answering a patient
2-she desn´t have to eat at work
3-she has to be calm
4-she hasto like medicine
5-she doesn´t have to know the rules of the hospital

VĂ­ctor T-1 said...

In On At

March Saturday 4O´clock
2007 Monday Cristimans
Autumn Tuesday morning 2.30September Friday half past six
Two minutes twelve
The morning

Beatriz said...

1- At

In- March 2007 autumn september two minutes and the morning.

On-Saturday monday tuesday morning and friday

At- 40' clock cristmas 2.30 half past six a quarter past and twelve

Bruna said...

At In On

1- At

March, 2007, autumn, september, two minutes and the morning.

40'clock, cristimas,2.30,half past six, a quarter past and twelve.

Saturday,monday,tuesday morning and friday.

euripedes said...

1 She has been dedicated to medicine.
2 No loathe organs.
3 Do not miss the work only if illness of a relative or yourself to be ill


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