Tuesday, March 24, 2009

T4 Homework

T4 students of Interamérica,

I am still waiting for your homework to be done here.

Look at the pictures and formulate sentences comparing them.

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geudsh said...


GABRIEL D. on March 25, 2009 at 5:30 PM said...

the turtle is faster than kangaroo.
the whale is better than bird.
the seals is heavier than butterflies.
the rabit is softer than turtle.
the koala is more friendly than tigger.
the alligator is more dangerous than bird.
the parrot is more beutiful than buffalo.
the Flemish's legs is bigger than cock.
the monkey is more intelligent than fish.
the alligator is scarier than cat.
the cock is taller than horse.
the elephant is stronger than dog.
the hippoes is fatter than pigs.
the cow is smaller than camel.
the monkey is funier than lion.
the donkey is cuter than snake.
the dove is lighter than polar bear.
the duck is uglier than swan.
the human baby is calmer than gorilla.

Andressa on March 26, 2009 at 5:16 AM said...

That is excellent!

João Vitor said...

The Seals is heavier than Butterflies.
The Rabit is softer than Turtle.
The Koala is more friendly than Tigger.
The Alligator is more dangerous than Bird.
The Monkey is funier than Lion.
The Donkey is cuter than Snake.
The Dove is lighter than Polar bear.
The Duck is uglier than Swan.
The Parrot is more beutiful than Buffalo.
The Flemish's legs is bigger than Cock.
The Monkey is more intelligent than Fish.

Maria Laura said...

Butterflies is heavier than seals
Rabbit is softer than turtle
Monkey is more intelligent than fish
Hippoes is fatter than pig
Duck is uglier than swan
Monkey is funnier than lion
Giraffe is taller than horse
Crocodile is scarier than cat
Parrot is more beautiful than buffalo
Whale is bigger than bird
Kangaroo is faster than turtle
Turtle is slower than kangaroo

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Costa

the butterfly is smaller than elephant.
the turtles is uglier than dolphins.
the lion is more agressive than cat.
the kangoroo is taller than alligator.
the monkey is more intelligent than cow.
the bird is faster than pig.
the snake is stronger than fish
the penguins is slower than dog.
the alligator is scarier than parrot.
the koala is stonger than butterfly
the whale is more fatter than gorila.
the fish is more stupid than dolphin.
the rabbit is more friendly than camel.
the camel is slower than elephant.
the monkey is funnier than horse.
the hipoes is more agressive than baby humans.
the donkey is more stupid than ornithorhyncus.
the ornithorhyncus is uglier than dolphins.

Pedro on March 26, 2009 at 12:24 PM said...

The horse is faster than the donkey
The cat is cuttier than the bird
The whale is fatter than the dolphin
The man is more racional than the animals
The Bull is more corageous than the dog
The woman is more beautiful than the man (of course)
The rabbit is thinner than the cow
English is more interesting than French
Vera Fischer is uglier than Giselle Bubchen
The toast is lighter than the chocalate bar
The mankind is better than the world

Pedro on March 26, 2009 at 12:28 PM said...
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felipe said...


anonimo said...

TEstando 123 teste n ta funcionando teacher

julia said...

the turtle is faster than ....

annimo said...

textando 123 textando


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