Monday, March 23, 2009

What might happen to them?

Hello T6,
Watch the slides and answer the questions.

You MIGHT get an A.

What Might Happen


Víctor T-1 said...

The movie is good.
Kate and Regina are not friends.
Kate use pink dress and gray shoes. She lives in Africa. She is African. Her school is in U.S.A..
Regina is rich. She has blond hair,small mouth and short. She lives in U.S.A.. She is American.

Júlia said...

1-She might get sick;
2-They might get sick;
3-He might be fat;
4-She might be hit by a car.

Isabela said...

1. He might die.
2. She might be hit by a car and die.
3. They might get sick.
4. He might be too fat.
5. She might get sick and die.

bruno said...

1- He might die
2- She might be hit by a car
3- They might get sick
4- He might get very fat and he might have a heart attack
5- She might have cancer


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